Email Marketing – strategies, potentialities, and best practices

Email Marketing KPI and strategies

With an average return on investment estimated at 122%, Email Marketing is a key channel for acquiring clients, building customer loyalty, and generating sales.  Thanks to this powerful tool, you will be able to tell your brand, propose promotions targeted to the right customers, and monitor attitudes and habits in order to optimize your strategies. Increasing e-Commerce sales through Email Marketing campaigns will be a consequence of mastering this powerful communication channel. However, to succeed, you need to know:

  • Definition of Email Marketing
  • Benefits
  • Newsletters and DEMs
  • KPIs to monitor
  • Communicating through Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing Examples

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Shipment tracking systems — the complete guide

Shipment Tracking

Il tracking degli ordini è una risorsa per il tuo eCommerce, ti permette in un solo colpo di avere sotto controllo la spedizione della tua merce e di gestire tempestivamente eventuali problemi e di fidelizzare il tuo cliente. Vediamo insieme di cosa si tratta di preciso!

  • Il tracking spedizione: come funziona 
  • Le strategie di tracciamento per le spedizione 
  • Migliorare il tracking delle spedizioni 
  • I tracciamenti delle spedizione dei corrieri: 
    • BRT tracking 
    • GLS tracking 
    • SDA tracking 
    • DHL tracking
    • UPS tracking 
    • TNT tracking
  • Come rendere il tracking strumento di Marketing

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e-Commerce Reviews: the complete guide

eCommerce Reviews ENG

What are reviews, if not the fourth dimension of e-Commerce? If pictures unveil what the products look like and descriptions give an additional three-dimensionality to them, reviews help us grasp the subtle nuances that make a difference in the buyer’s final choice. That is why every e-Commerce site needs reviews.

  • e-Commerce Reviews
  • The benefits of product reviews 
  • How to increase e-Commerce reviews

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