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The service that simplifies and enhances the shipping management of your eCommerce

team Qapla' - Tracking = Marketing²

With Qapla’, you can generate labels in 3 clicks, monitor all your shipments, and send your customers precise and real-time information with personalized tracking messages.

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Integrazioni piattaforma gestione spedizioni eCommerce Qapla'

The meeting point between couriers, eCommerce, and marketplaces.
Stop chaos.





Our approach is data-driven

The data confirms that a post-shipping marketing strategy benefits our clients.



Generated by personalized tracking communications

of tracking emails


to your website


by your customer care

Customize your tracking communications

Keep your customers informed in real-time about the delivery status of their orders through email, SMS, and/or WhatsApp. Personalize every aspect of the communications, including the tracking page, with a simple drag & drop editor. A blank canvas to fill according to your goals.

Shipments management software dashboard for eCommerce - Qapla'

Track your shipments on a single platform

No matter how many couriers you use. Information on every shipment will be just a click away, and any issues will be immediately reported to your Customer Care. Take action before the customer realizes and contacts you!

Print labels: say goodbye to manual creation

Create and print carrier labels in 3 clicks or automatically via API. No more errors due to manual transcription and time saved in order fulfillment.

Couriers' labels printing for eCommerce - Qapla'

Gestisci i resi in modo semplice

Come vuoi gestire i resi? Scegli tu!
Approva singolarmente le richieste o proponi una procedura automatica, con regole prestabilite senza la necessità del tuo intervento.

Collega i punti di ritiro

Offri la possibilità di spedire verso punti di ritiro. Centralizza e semplifica la gestione dei tuoi PUDO grazie alla nostra API dedicata.

La parola a chi ci ha scelto

Simon Orlandini - Account Executive Qapla'

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