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Italian eCommerce statistics during COVID19 outbreak: updated data by sector

Qapla' collected data about orders and shipments by eCommerce in Italy in the first quarter 2020, during coronavirus outbreak. Read the analysis by sector. Wine, Pet and Pharma skyrocketed!

Last Update: 25/05/20 – In these hard times, data can help for some insightful consideration to all the eCommerce network around the world. COVID19 arrived in Italy more than a month ago and before other countries, so the consequences on online sales in Italy can suggest some forecast for changes in consumers’ behaviour abroad, too. Thanks to the eCommerce data collected in the covid19 period, derived from shipments managed on Qapla’ platform by more than 400 stores, we can share a brief report on the Italian trend d, totally and by sector.

Shipments trend in Italy: February – May 2020

In the chaos and hardship derived from the lockdown and the closing of brick-and-mortar traditional stores, a lot of people reacted buying online what they needed. 

Italian eCommerce situation is, at the moment, under control, even if there are delays and some areas that are not accessible by couriers for governmental restrictions. Certain carriers are facing significant difficulties due to the shutdown of some branches or some strikes, but many others are working at their best to ensure a distribution network as much efficient as possible. 

The boom in online orders has been remarkable in the first two weeks after the COVID19 lockdown.

The data collected by Qapla’ show a +103% growth in total shipments managed by our platform, in comparison to the week from 15th February to the 22nd February. The graph below represents the last report on May the 22nd:

eCommerce Sales in Italy by sector – Jan/May 2020

The performance of each eCommerce sector is different and some fields, even in the first week, suffered losses. Here we consider the comparison with the week from Saturday 15th to Friday 22nd February because it was before the first safety measures by the Italian government (and Saturday is the first day for most eCommerce to prepare the deliveries for the next week).
It’s very interesting to see that all sectors have had nearly a 100% drop in the last week.

  • Fashion: eCommerce selling clothing and shoes score a total light drop of +63% in the last week compared to that period. Sales fashion stores fell by -100% in the 08/05 – 15/05 week but there are up and downs in all the covered period.
  • Jewelry: the jewels and related accessories sold online increase by +252% in the last week compared to 15/02 – 22/02, while in the first weeks fell quickly: -18% on 13/03 and -15,3% on 23/02.
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care: products belonging to the field of Personal Care scored bad results in the second half of March, due to the closure of some important shops but now it’s consistently growing: +180% in the same period. Some eCommerce were subjected to the last government ordinance on essential allowed activities.
  • Pharma: online pharmaceutical stores are receiving an increasing amount of orders, even if offline pharmacies are still open in Italy. Pharmaceutical eCommerce grow by +35% in comparison to 15/02 – 21/02.
  • Wine & Beverage: this represents the most surprising case of the period. The field that includes wine, beer, spirits, and water stores skyrocket by +301% in the period considered!
  • Pet: ECommerce selling items for pet sold +6% more in the entire period after great increases in March and April; the trend is really descending.

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