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With Qapla' your data are safe

Qapla’ is ISO 27001 certified by Accredia as it meets the requirements for information security management and associated risks.

What does this mean for you?

Your shipments and customers’ data are processed according to internationally approved security standards by a certification institution.

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Qapla’ simplifies the connection between courier systems, CMS and marketplaces and activates communication channels with your customers, leveraging the full power of post-shipping marketing to generate new sales.

Yes, of course, you can start with our Try&Buy formula and pay only after 30 days.

Certainly, we will guide you step by step throughout the onboarding process. Support will always be available through the channels included in the plan you choose. Our Customer Care and Success teams will guide you in discovering the Qapla’ universe, showing you how to give a real boost to your eCommerce.

We have a service for every need. Whether you are a small eCommerce just starting out or an online selling giant, our scalable system adapts and grows with you. Take a look at the pricing page and schedule a call to talk to one of our experts.

No, we don’t sell shipments. We are not brokers nor do we provide courier rate comparison services.