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Print labels for all your couriers in just a few seconds with Qapla'

Qapla’ directly imports orders from your eCommerce platform. Not only that: it generates shipments and prints courier labels with 3 clicks or automatically via API. The system transmits delivery information in real time to the selected courier, without you having to contact them.

Printing 100 labels per second in “asynchronous” mode… Too good to be true?

Couriers' labels printing for eCommerce - Qapla'

Integrated couriers for label printing

Print in 3 clicks

Create, print, transmit! These three simple steps are all you need to generate all the labels you need to ship your orders, selecting them in unlimited numbers.

Check the outcome of the operation on a single panel, with clear and punctual notifications, so you can immediately intervene without transmitting shipments with wrong information. An example? Wrong addresses, flagged by the “Check Address” service.

More time and resources to devote to your business!

Print via API

You can automate the label generation process by independently integrating Qapla’s APIs into your warehouse or management system. This way, you can create and send shipments to couriers without having to worry about individual integrations.

Matching the Right Courier to Every Shipment

Speed up order fulfillment through pre-assignment rules of couriers, based on a set of criteria chosen by you, including zip code, weight, cash-on-delivery amount, etc. You can also save and pre-set the dimensions of the boxes you use.

Full freedom, more effectiveness, and lower costs for your eCommerce shipments!

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Everything you need to know about Qapla'

Yes, you can do it thanks to the “Virtual Courier” feature. You will be able to generate personalized and branded labels and track their shipments on the platform. This feature can be useful if you ship from a network of physical stores, for local couriers (the so-called “padroncini”) or deliveries between multiple locations or stores of the eCommerce.

To be able to print labels with Qapla’, you will need to activate the “Rising Star” plan (starting from 79€/month) or the “Genius” plan (starting from 99€/month). The generation of labels via API is only included in custom enterprise offers. Request information.

Qapla’ simplifies the connection between courier systems, CMS and marketplaces and activates communication channels with your customers, leveraging the full power of post-shipping marketing to generate new sales.

Yes, of course, you can start with our Try&Buy formula and pay only after 30 days.

Certainly, we will guide you step by step throughout the onboarding process. Support will always be available through the channels included in the plan you choose. Our Customer Care and Success teams will guide you in discovering the Qapla’ universe, showing you how to give a real boost to your eCommerce.

We have a service for every need. Whether you are a small eCommerce just starting out or an online selling giant, our scalable system adapts and grows with you. Take a look at the pricing page and schedule a call to talk to one of our experts.

No, we don’t sell shipments. We are not brokers nor do we provide courier rate comparison services.


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