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One tool to track and manage all your shipments

With Qapla’, you can keep track of up to 450 couriers from a single interface, integrating them in just a few minutes, without the need for development and with our assistance.

Shipments management software dashboard for eCommerce - Qapla'

You will always have access to information on every shipment of yours, and any issues will be immediately visible through an alert system present on the platform. You will be able to provide precise and real-time information to your customer about their shipment, avoiding calls to your Customer Care.

Integrate our tracking script into your eCommerce website, via API or Javascript, so that your customer can check the progress of their order directly in their reserved area. Don’t interrupt the brand experience even during shipping.

Abandon long routine activities in favor of actions that bring a real advantage to your business.

API Qapla'

Integrate your carriers with Qapla' and never miss a shipment again.

Use a single dashboard and – boom! – everything is just a click away. We translate the shipment tracking statuses of all carriers into just 9 standard statuses, the same for everyone. You can easily select and track each shipment, identified by the carrier logo, tracking number, send date, and status icon (such as “departed,” “in transit,” “delivered”). Easy, right?


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Tutto quello che devi sapere su Qapla'

Qapla’ simplifies the connection between courier systems, CMS and marketplaces and activates communication channels with your customers, leveraging the full power of post-shipping marketing to generate new sales.

Yes, of course, you can start with our Try&Buy formula and pay only after 30 days.

Certainly, we will guide you step by step throughout the onboarding process. Support will always be available through the channels included in the plan you choose. Our Customer Care and Success teams will guide you in discovering the Qapla’ universe, showing you how to give a real boost to your eCommerce.

We have a service for every need. Whether you are a small eCommerce just starting out or an online selling giant, our scalable system adapts and grows with you. Take a look at the pricing page and schedule a call to talk to one of our experts.

No, we don’t sell shipments. We are not brokers nor do we provide courier rate comparison services.


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