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Post-Shipping Marketing

Increase conversions and retain your customers by personalizing emails and the Tracking Page with precise and timely communications that speak about your brand.

Use Post-Shipping Marketing to your advantage to generate new business opportunities!

Make the Customer Experience unique with the endless possibilities of customization of emails, Tracking Page, and notifications, through a simple Drag&Drop editor and/or Html.

Insert banners, review requests, related products, and coupons when your customers’ attention is at its peak. How do we know? The open rate of these communications reaches 70%.

Leverage a 99% Open Rate. Personalize the automatic sending of SMS and WhatsApp by inserting links to the Tracking Page. A new opportunity to communicate with your customers!

Additionally, communicate the progress of shipments in the language of the recipient, choosing from 9 different statuses and 16 different languages. Be the protagonist and replace the automatic notifications of the couriers.

advantages post shipping marketing

Post-Shipping Marketing

Best Practices and Tips to Improve Delivery Emails

Barcode and QR Code in emails about deliveries - Qapla'

Would you like to make your emails about deliveries even more interactive?

Insert a barcode (EAN13) or a QR code using special tags to allow your customers to pick up their order at a store or a pickup point, or to be directed to a link of your choice.

Customization and identification at the highest level!


Everything you need to know about Qapla'

Yes, absolutely! You can integrate tools such as, Adabra, Blueknow, and many others into your emails to generate new orders.

It is possible to disable automatic emails from couriers, so that customers only receive your personalized emails with Qapla’.

EVERYTHING! With Qapla’s transactional emails, you choose what to communicate.
From images to external links, you can choose the elements to include in your email based on the shipment status. Requests for reviews, related products, coupons, lead generation campaigns. Intercept your customers at the moment of maximum attention!

Qapla’ simplifies the connection between courier systems, CMS and marketplaces and activates communication channels with your customers, leveraging the full power of post-shipping marketing to generate new sales.

Yes, of course, you can start with our Try&Buy formula and pay only after 30 days.

Certainly, we will guide you step by step throughout the onboarding process. Support will always be available through the channels included in the plan you choose. Our Customer Care and Success teams will guide you in discovering the Qapla’ universe, showing you how to give a real boost to your eCommerce.

We have a service for every need. Whether you are a small eCommerce just starting out or an online selling giant, our scalable system adapts and grows with you. Take a look at the pricing page and schedule a call to talk to one of our experts.

No, we don’t sell shipments. We are not brokers nor do we provide courier rate comparison services.