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About us

Qapla’ was founded in 2014 by Roberto Fumarola and Luca Cassia. Two friends who, after twenty years of working together in the consultancy field of eCommerce, realized a gap in the online shopping world: a tool that could streamline the entire post-shipping phase for eCommerce, given the challenges that this process entails.

Empowered by their idea, they set to work and turned this intuition into reality, creating an all-in-one software for managing the entire shipping phase: Qapla’, which means ‘Success’ in Klingon, a language spoken in the Star Trek universe they are passionate about.

Today, Qapla’ is an increasingly international entity with a staff of 50 talents spread across multiple locations and experiencing strong growth. From its inception until now, the team has been its beating heart: young, energetic, and passionate, with the primary goal of guiding customers towards ever greater achievements.

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