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How does Our Demo work?


Let's get to know each other better

Together, we will delve into all aspects of your eCommerce (existing integrations, active couriers, and much more) and evaluate the best solution for you.


Let's discover the features

We will show you our panel live, taking you on a virtual tour of all the functionalities that can improve the work and opportunities of your eCommerce. You will discover how to enhance your post-shipping marketing, print labels, and track your shipments accurately.


Receive a personalized offer

Talk to our expert and explain your needs, you will be ready to decide and register (paying only after 30 days).

With Qapla' your data are safe

Qapla’ is ISO 27001 certified by Accredia as it meets the requirements for information security management and associated risks.

What does this mean for you?

Your shipments and customers’ data are processed according to internationally approved security standards by a certification institution.

Take the time for a coffee break:

You will experience a “demo” that will show you firsthand our platform and all its potential.

An expert at your disposal

Our experts are ready to listen to you and present the potential of our software, and propose services and integrations that are useful for you.

We never leave you alone

If you decide to join us, throughout the onboarding process, our operations team will assist you in setting up your panel optimally.

The time needed to explore the potential of our software is up to you. Usually, the session lasts about 30 minutes. You will be assigned to one of our experts who will give you an overview of the software’s features. It will be an interactive demo where you can ask questions and interact with our expert to clarify any doubts.

We will go through the key points of your eCommerce together and ask you practical cases of managing your eCommerce to identify how Qapla’ can simplify your work and that of your team.

Once the most suitable solution for your needs is identified and you decide to proceed, you will start setting up all the features of our software with the help of our team. Register, start and pay only after 30 days with our Try & Buy formula.

We have a service for all needs. Whether you are a small eCommerce business starting out or a giant in online sales, our scalable system adapts and grows with you. Take a look at the pricing page and schedule a call to speak with one of our experts.

You don’t need to register or download any software to access our demo. One of our experts will send you a Google Meet link to schedule our call. Just one click and you will be teleported into the Qapla’ universe.

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