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Tannico Interview

Qapla’ presents Tannico: interview to M.Magnacavallo

Tannico, the Online Wine Shop, chose Qapla' to offer a high-level to its customers in the Post Sales phase. Read the interview to the CEO and Co-Founder Marco Magnocavallo

Tannico is the Online Wine Shop with the largest selection of Italian Wines and definitely it represents excellence on the level of services, innovations, diversity, and quality of labels of all wine panorama.

Born in 2013, Tannico was inspired by an original innovative vision of the Italian wine industry, which was stuck in territorial codification and obsolete market logic. Thanks to this inspiration, combined with the most advanced technologies, the company was able to provide wine cellars selling on Tannico logistic and data analysis tools on its sales, otherwise unimaginable (lack of digital skills of many Italian wine cellars). More than 1 million bottles were shipped all around the world to this day (19 countries).  We are proud that Tannico relies on Qapla’ to proactively manage shipping and follow customer communication with the same care it suggests a liquor based on its specific needs and preference. 

We had the pleasure to interview the co-Founder and CEO Marco Magnocavallo.

1) Hello Marco, thank you for your time. Can you tell us the main steps of the birth and development of your eCommerce?

Marco Magnocavallo CEO Tannico

Born in 2013, in the beginning, we started with the simple idea to realize the online wine shop of the wine lovers dream. Then, we realized that the industry provided other different space to new original services such as Tannico Intelligence, the service we offer for free to wine cellars to see data usage of their products. Also WinePlatform, the platform which provides wine cellars a space to sell directly to the final consumer by using our logistic, shipping systems and digital platform. And last, which is the offer dedicated to the professional channel Horeca.

2) Which main causes do you think push your customers to purchase bottles of wine and liquor online instead of offline?

Definitely for our selection. We have more than 13.000 labels to choose, the express service same-day delivery in Milan24 hours for the rest of Italy but also offers and selections we present every day to our customers.

3) It is easy to imagine how one of the most critics and discriminal factors are packaging and also the accuracy of transport regarding a product so fragile. How to manage those two factors?

Yes, are both determinants. Wine packaging is a very delicate aspect we solved with reinforced cardboard packaging patented by NakPack. Shippings are entrusted to different couriers such as BRTSDAUPS.

4) Your company dispatch all over the world. How complicated was to deal with UE and extra UE customs “matter” for your products?

It was not so easy because we had to create a tax warehouse in Italy, connect to customs systems then, open tax positions in every country we export. With the WinePlatform service, we make all this system also available to wine cellars which want to ship to their final consumer.

Tannico packaging

5) Why did you decide not to sell on Marketplaces? Do you think to use them in the future? 

We believe that the direct interaction with the customer is very important and the Purchase Experience on the Tannico website. At the moment we’re not planning to open to external Marketplaces.

6) On which principles do you found the selection you offer? 

There’s a lot of teamwork behind the choice of the products we propose and select. The main principles are: denomination, the quality of the wine which is tasted by our sommeliers. the price, the received awards and the packaging. Moreover, there’s a selection of  “Wine Artisans”, composed by small producers of high-quality labels that are hard to find.

7) A website that sells wine online has to deal with a crucial step: the navigation scheme. Which principles did you follow to design the menu and the User Interface? What makes your website different from your competitors? 

We work carefully with an editors team that every day produces several proposals and suggestions. This helps our customers a lot to find labels that are not famous and need storytelling before reaching the glasses of our clients. Besides, the system of filters we developed allows to scroll down and segment our catalogue of 13.0000 labels in an immediate and easy way.

Wine Artisans Tannico
“WIne Artisans”, Tannico

8) Which kinds of benefits the adoption of Qapla’ brought? Did it impact on work organization of the company? 

By using Qapla, we quickly integrated all the main couriers operating in Italy and all the couriers operating abroad in a very short time: we just had to develop a one and only interface. As regards the Customer Service, a customer of ours can now check his shipment directly on our website through consistent communication, independently from the kind of courier and its management system. By using the Qapla’ panel and its Webhook service we can communicate to the customer promptly and, overall, we can report better eventual glitches in shipping, solving the problem in some case before the customer had to worry about it. Qapla’ therefore became a necessary tool to provide high-level service.

9) What do you think about the status of italian food&beverage eCommerce sector? Which are the growth expectations? 

It’s a sector that will have double-figure increase for several years from now. There’s more space to grow in comparison with other fields (like electronics and tourism, e.g.) 

10) Why a consumer should buy from Tannico?

For the range of products, the extremely quick service of deliveries, the selection of “Wine Artisans” and the post-sales service that is active seven days a weak.

We invite you to discover the quality, the abundance and innovation of the Tannico’s offer on their website:

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